Core SWX Maverick Block Battery


– Charges to Full in 5 Hours
– LCD Screen with Diagnostic Reporting
– Suitable for Lighting or Camera Power
– 605Wh NiMHBattery
– Two 4-Pin XLRs and Two 3-Pin XLRs
– USB Output for Charging Mobile Devices
– LED Array in Handle
– Compatible with Legacy Shipping Cases
– Travel Safe

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Nickel Metal Hydride, travel safe block battery with built-in charging.

Capacity: 605Wh(14.4v, 42.0Ah, max rating 639wh)
Size: 9.56” x 13.7” x 5.3”
Weight: 28.3lbs.
Voltage Output: 2x XLR4p @ 14v(12-17vdc), 2x XLR3p @28v(regulated)
Max Load: 40A(20A @ 14v, 20A @ 28v)
Built-in Protections: Temperature(internal), Voltage(internal), Current(resettable exterior and internal)


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